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About Us

Our Story


There once was a little Italian Greyhound called Dexter who had one mighty personality. He was the kind of pooch who often walks on 3 paws as heaven forbid a paw touched anything cold or wet. If you said walkies, unlike dogs who jump for joy, Dexter moved at his pace and decided yes or no, if even a hint of rain or wind was present on even the driest of summer days… Dexter stayed at home.

He loved nothing more than to stand in front of a fluffy cream blanket which zipped up at the side to become a pocket. With one foot hovering over it, he would insist on a prolonged squeaky chorus to announce that one must open it for him to tuck inside. This blanket went anywhere he required from the dining room, to pride of place on the sofa. The pocket became his favourite sleeping spot and to this day will not go to bed without it.


Much to Dexter’s dislike came along Dora, a sweet natured Italian Greyhound crossed with a Bedlington terrier. Dora was a warm and gentle girl who did get excited about walks. Dexter saw her as just one more delay in getting full undivided attention from his humans. However Dora’s only demanding nature was that you stroked her,..endlessly. In the mornings she would sit on the stairs, proud as punch, and as you walked past, stretched out her paw to greet you and to kindly ask that you stroked her – especially her belly! She loved a good nap and loved nothing more than getting into a red cave like bed, half in, half out. This was so she could keep one eye on you, watching just in case you dropped a crumb…


Dexter & Dora’s human’s felt they needed another companion to create the perfect pack. Along came Dougie – a blue stocky Italian Greyhound, who unlike the other two was playful at heart, playing with anything, especially with tissues hidden in ones pocket! Unlike the independent nature of Dexter and Dora, Dougie liked company… he would snuggle by your side insistently under a blanket, like an arm rest on a sofa. Dora who took on her role as mother to him often found her bed being occupied by him too! This often led into a marathon grooming session! One thing was for sure, Dougie liked to get comfortable, he liked the warmth and security of being with someone but whilst being hidden. Like Dexter, he has his own cream pocket and will happily be within it, as long as he was with you, usually on the sofa!

The Idea

As different as these pups are, they all had one thing in common, and that’s they like to be cosy, snug and hidden.

Their personalities are so unique & different – they deserved more than just your average dog bone dog bed.

So born was the idea of Dexter’s Den Pocket beds, cosy beds that can be put anywhere easily and designed with a range of bold fabrics to bring their personalities to life!

As mans best friend we think they deserve something right for them. Coming with a range of sizes and shapes (we’re talking about the animals) and a fun array of personalities, each pet is different so we are sure that there will be one of our snug and stylish dog beds to suit your pet(s) too!

Pocket Dens are beautiful & uniquely designed to bring your pals the warmth and comfort they deserve. They offer warmth, security, confidence, and relaxation for our four legged friends. Dexter loves nothing more than to snuggle in his little Pocket bed where he can close his eyes in peace and shut out the light – destined to be on the sofa, rather than the floor and a huge preference to being alone and extremely warm the pocket was most suited to him.

We know in every pet there’s a diva like Dexter with their own needs and wants and with our range you will surely be able to find a unique pet bed just for them.

The Location

Based in a small rural village in Mid Wales, next to the rolling Shropshire Hills, Dexter’s Den strives to offer the best seat on the sofa for every pet. Surrounded by sheep, nature and wildlife our little workshop offers a great opportunity to consider the very best patterns as well as giving the pocket beds the attention they deserve.

All these cute and snuggly beds are handmade by me, Sally. Nothing makes me smile more than tail waggers, so it fills me with so much happiness to provide them with a space of their own that they can feel safe, warm and snug in.