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Dora – The Gentle & Loving Italian Greyhound Cross

Pandora, otherwise known as Dora is an Italian Greyhound crossed with a Bedlington Terrier. Dora was rehomed to the Carnall household (my parents) after spending her first couple of years competing for attention against 13 other dogs. Dora at first was a quiet girl, who struggled to trust people and was often quite scared.

After settling into the Carnall household Dora is now a lovely, gentle and sweet natured gal who just adores a belly scratch!

At first Dora wouldn’t leave mumma Carnall’s side and was especially timid of men. As she started to settle in it was apparent she had caring personality.  The human Carnall’s then decided to embark on another little Italian Greyhound to complete the pack. Dougie was as cute as can be, but rather mischievous too! Dora’s motherly instincts became even more apparent treating him like one of her own. Teaching him wrong and right, giving him afternoon grooming sessions and evening snuggles.


Father Carnall unfortunately suffers from Parkinson’s but Dora soon learnt she could help him too! Whenever he is stuck or in pain and no one is around, Dora finds Mamma Carnall and ensure she follows to help!

Once shy of men, Dora soon becomes a flirt… one look at her and she will jump up on your lap, melt your heart by putting her paw out and then eventually collapse flat onto her back so she gets the long await belly scratch she has been waiting for.


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