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Cosy & Snug Dog Beds
Pocket Dens are perfect for your pooch to wrap up in their own sleeping bag, made with a comfy padded base
- super soft!
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Happiness is….
Being as snug as a bug in a Pocket Den
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New Sausage Dog
Inspired Collection
Dexter's Den Sausage Dog New Collection Pocket Dens
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The Dexter’s Den Pocket Dog Bed is the ultimate cosy retreat! Providing a comfy space for sleepy heads, these snuggle sacks bring warmth, security, and relaxation to your furry friends.

Sleep in it. Lay on it. Nap under it. Doze in it with one eye open! Your pals may never leave!

All beds are Made in Wales with a cotton outer fabric, full of flare and colour and are paired with a soft velvet like dimple fleece interior layer for comfort and added homeliness. The Pocket Den features a thick durable wadding base to help those tired paws. Give a pop of colour to your décor and comfort for your pooches!

Where should I put it? Just lay down the den in their favourite spot, whether it be the floor by the TV right where they can watch you, the sofa spot for those velcro pups, or for those privileged then lay it on your bed so they don’t steel your cover!

Easy for your dog to climb into and hide or poke their head (or paw) out…

The hot chocolate and bubble bath feeling for your favourite tail wagger…

About Dexter’s Den Pocket Beds

The Dexter’s Den beds are bold beds for big personalities!  Featuring beautiful & trendy patterns by a range of fabric designers, these snuggle sacks offer a fresh new stylish dog bed alternative! Dog’s don’t always have to sleep in a bed covered in dog bone print! … they too can have a stylish & bold place of their own.  The sleeping bags are great presents for you to give unbridled joy to your pets at home and are also handy for roadtrips… just lay them flat in the car or on the floor of a tent as a sleeping bag!

Give your 4 legged friends a cosy retreat in a warm & bold burrow bed. Exclusively handmade in Wales for Dexter’s Den. Keep your best friend warm and snug in our of our snuggle sacks!